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Zipper Overlay Helper

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We took our individual zipper pocket placket templates and combined them. If you have to cut leather pocket plackets for zippered pockets on handbags and all-in-one size flexibilty, this acrylic zipper template will save you time. I have included openings for 7", 8", and 9" zippers for both the #5 zipper (1/2" opening) or the #3 zipper (3/8" opening). The zero-center ruler (1/16" increments) along the top and bottom will make adjusting the openings for other size zippers easy or grab it for use as a straight edge. This acrylic template will also double as a template to cut your outer .5" allowance around the zipper. And because we included both a 90 degree corner and a 1/4" radius corner on both the top and bottom, you have more flexibility in your finished zipper overlay.

Quick and simple to use

  1. Decide what size and length of zipper opening and the type of corners you want on your overlay.
  2. Trace your inside opening to your leather depending on your zipper width and length.
  3. Line up the template so the top left corner of the top cut out in the template is lined up to the same top corner of inside opening you just drew. The outside edge of your template will be the outside edge of the zipper overlay.
  4. From the center line of the opening, trace up the left side and across the top until you get to the top right edge of your inside opening box you drew, shift template to left (until right edge of your inside box you drew on your leather lines up with template), flip template over so your corner styles are the same and trace around the top right corner and down the right side to the center line.
  5. Flip template down and repeat the process to complete the bottom portion of the zipper overlay.

Our acrylic templates are made from 1/8" acrylic so you know they will last. MADE IN USA.

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