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"You Pick" Tack Set - Straight Round Ends

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Product Details

Introducing our new and innovative template design system....the "You Pick" Tack Set. Built off our Straight Round Tack Set pattern design, this template system lets you pick different "design centers" and piece them together with the standard ends for 6 completely different looks. No need to buy 6 full breastcollar or browband templates!! Now all you do is buy the ends and pick the centers you want. Not only will you SAVE $$$ with our new "You Pick" Tack Set template design system, storing full sized templates are no longer an issue.

All of these 6 "You Pick" design centers coordinate with our original Straight Round headstall cheek template, single ear template and center strap template. So, if you already own these, you don't need to buy them again.

Main Pattern Specs:

  • Breastcollars (22" wide) - Deluxe (3.0"); Diamond (3.7"); Premiere (3.3"); Rectangle (3"); Regal (3.7"); Straight (2.2")
  • Browbands (22.5" wide) - Deluxe (2.08"); Diamond (2.6"); Premiere (2.3"); Rectangle (2.1"); Regal (2.57"); Straight (1.55")
  • Cheek - 15.7" x 1.72"
  • Single Ear - 14.43" x 1.24"
  • Center Strap - 23.07" x 1.65"


  • If you want the complete sets for the "You Pick" Breastcollar and/or Browband, check those. By buying the full set, you will get one center FREE. Do not select individual "You Pick" pieces as this will duplicate those items.
  • THEN SKIP DOWN TO THE OPTIONAL TACK SET PIECES. If you need to add the Straight Round Cheek, Single Ear and/or Center Strap to complete the full set of templates, select those under Straight Round Tack Set Pieces. If you already own these, you can disregard this step.
  • Add any of the optional add-ons like the o-ring center back plate and templates for center strap buckle, tug straps and throat latch under Optional Add-ons.

Our acrylic templates are made from 1/8" acrylic so you know they will last. MADE IN USA.

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