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Roper Tack Set

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Product Details

This is a traditional Y shaped roper breastcollar paired with a simple straight cheeked headstall.

We suggest the following hardware to complete the Roper breastcollar

  • One 3.5" flat saddle d-ring for the center plate
  • One 1.5" welded d-ring for the bottom of the center plate
  • Two 2" welded d-rings for the ends of the breastcollar
  • Additional hardware is required for tug straps and bottom of the center strap

**NOTE: if you own our Roper - Narrow Tack Set, there will be duplicate pieces in this set so you might considering just buying the pieces individually**


  • Select YES or NO if you want to order the MAIN SET (Includes the breastcollar, headstall cheek, single ear piece and large d-ring center plate which accommodates a 3.5" d-ring). Ordering the MAIN SET will SAVE YOU $9
  • If you want to order the pieces individually, select the pieces you want (note: if you select all the pieces here you will NOT SAVE $9 off the main set price).
  • Add any of the optional add-ons like the templates for tug straps and throat latch.

Our acrylic templates are made from 1/8" acrylic so you know they will last. MADE IN USA.

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