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Rectangle Tack Set

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This pattern is by far our most popular pattern. It has a nice low profile that looks great on the horse as it isn't too wide and overpowering. It works well for bead strip inlays. Also great for award tack.

Main Pattern Specs:

  • Breastcollar – 22.00” x 2.41”
  • Browband – 22.45” x 1.71”
  • Cheek – 15.75” x 1.53”
  • Single Ear – 14.43” x 1.21”
  • Center Strap – 23.07” x 1.54”

**NOTE: if you own our Rectangle Deluxe Tack Set, there will be duplicate pieces in this set so you might considering just buying the pieces individually**


  • Select YES or NO if you want to order the MAIN SET (Includes the breastcollar, headstall cheek, browband, and single ear piece. Does not include the matching center strap. You will need to order that separately.) Ordering the MAIN SET will SAVE YOU $8
  • If you want to order the pieces individually, select the pieces you want (note: if you select all the pieces here you will NOT SAVE $8 off the main set price). If you want the matching center sure to select it here.
  • Add any of the overlay templates you need
  • Add any of the optional add-ons like the o-ring center back plate and templates for tug straps and throat latch.

Our acrylic templates are made from 1/8" acrylic so you know they will last. MADE IN USA.

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