Floral Bouquet Wrap **PDF**

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**THIS IS THE PRINTABLE PDF ONLY - NO templates will be included in this purchase. Under NO circumstances will we provide refunds for PDF files purchased in error. Please ensure you are buying the correct item. Written instructions are NOT included.**

Simple floral tooling pattern for a 6"x6" leather bouquet wrap. This pattern features a simple Sheridan style tooling along with a center area left for personalization. You can add the names of the bride and groom, the last initial, a date or even the new brand for the happy couple. If you struggle with drawing and designing your own patterns, these are the answer.

This pattern is also available as a tap off.

**PLEASE NOTE: Upon downloading, you will receive the completed pattern**

TIP: Print these off, cover pattern with clear packing tape on both the front and back, and cut out patterns. Case your leather and use a stylus to transfer your pattern

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