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Belt Buckstitch Ruler (1.5" wide)

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If you make leather belts with buckstitching, this belt buckstitch ruler will be sure to be a time saver. These 1.5" wide templates will not only be useful to mark your belt tip and buckle holes, but marking your buckstitching slots is why they were created. No more guessing on how to mark around the point and the belt buckstitch ruler will ensure your buckstitching slots are evenly spaced and aligned from top to bottom. These buckstitch rulers are setup to allow a .15" stitching line just to the outside of the buckstitching. Your choice of slanted slots for the 5/32" chisel or straight slots for the 1/8" chisels. This comes standard with 7" tip (from center hole to tip) and 1" holes. The 1/2" grid lines on the template make it easy to adjust tip length as needed.

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