1/8" Fringe Template

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Cut 1/8" fringe for tassels easily with our acrylic templates. These are perfect for bags, keychains, jewelry, etc. Templates allow for 1" header on your fringe.

  • Mini Fringe Template is cuts 2.5" long fringe in 2.5" wide sections.
  • Standard Fringe Template cuts 5" long fringe in 2.5" wide sections.
**TIP: Line up right side of material to right vertical grid line and line up bottom of material to horizontal grid line. Work from right to left. Then move the template and line up the vertical grid line to the last cut and continue**

DISCLAIMER: Since these are made from acrylic with only 1/8" allowance between cuts, these WILL flex. They will NOT provide a rigid edge to cut up against. You must cut slowly and use the cuts as guides ONLY. I find it best to use a very sharp box knife blade to use for cutting verses a rotary cutter.

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